Airdrop any ERC20 token to thousands of Ethereum addresses at once.

Connect a wallet, select a token and upload a CSV file to get started. It's that simple!

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How to Airdrop ERC20 Tokens?

Once you have connected your wallet you're already 25% complete.

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Select an ERC20 Token

Ensure the ERC20 token you wish to airdrop is stored in your wallet and then select it from the list.

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Upload CSV

Our simple process allows you to easily upload a CSV consisting of all the Ethereum addresses and token amounts you wish to airdrop.

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Send Tokens, Pay Gas

Send your tokens to your selected addresses, paying a small fee to Blockbucket and any according gas fees.


How do I airdrop ERC20 tokens?

Our simple airdropper tool allows the user to airdrop any ERC20 token that they have stored in their wallet. Our simple process allows you to easily pull data from the graph and export it into a CSV before sending tokens to your selected recipients.

What is the best time to airdrop tokens?

ETH gas fees depend on the amount of network congestion on the Ethereum network which can greatly vary depending on the day and time. Gas fees tend to be lower later at night between the hours 9pm and 2am (UTC).

How much does it cost to use the ERC20 Airdropper?

Our ERC20 airdropper automatically takes a small fee of 0.01 ETH. The only other cost of using the airdropper is in the form of gas fees which can vary depending on what time you use the tool.

What is an ERC20 token?

An ERC20 token is a type of token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 tokens are used to create and issue smart contracts on Ethereum which can be used to automatically execute agreements between parties.

What networks are supported?

Currently, our ERC20 airdropper only supports the Ethereum network. However, we are exploring the possibility of scaling our tool to be supported across other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Near, Polkadot, Phantom and Flow.

What's the complete list of tokens supported?

Our airdropper supports any ERC20 token. The user will need to ensure the ERC20 token they wish to airdrop is stored in their wallet before attempting to airdrop.

What fee do we take?

Blockbucket takes a small fee of 0.01 ETH for each airdrop.